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Half Mature JC


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The Half Mature JC is a dual-layer pocket pussy from Ride Japan, meaning that it uses two different materials for the inside and outside, a rarity from the company. Many dual-layer masturbator toys don’t really feel much different between the two sides, but let’s see how Ride Japan’s offering fares.

This dual layer material is called Baby Touch, with the outside layer called Baby Outer and the inside layer called Baby Inner. The Baby Outer looks a lot like Ride Japan’s popular Bungee Touch, but it feels a little softer. But just like the Bungee Touch, there was no noticeable smell or oil bleed. Also, like Ride Japan’s other male masturbator toys, it has a textured outer body for extra grip. It is significantly thicker than most Bungee Touch toys and feels very high quality.

The Baby Inner is a deep red color, like many male masturbator companies’ inner material. It does feel a bit harder than the outer material with a tender, elastic feel. There is an obvious difference in hardness between the inner and outer layer. The two layers feel securely stuck together with no noticeable indication of them coming apart.

The entrance hole is tiny, at about half an inch in diameter. I poured some lube inside, then some more on my penis, and proceeded inside her. The hole is small so make sure you have a full erection to get in. Once inside you’ll reach an area they called the “vagina ball,” where you’ll feel 4 large bumps. Because of the hard material, these bumps give you pretty firm stimulation. As I stroked, the stimulation from the vagina ball area grew stronger. The other major stimulating structure are 3 long ridges that go along the body, lined with tiny ribs. They’re supposed to provide 3 different stimulation effects, but you don’t really feel that the 3 ridges are there, let alone different stimulation.

I was wondering how a softer outer and harder inner would feel like, but it really just feels closer to a pocket pussy using a harder material. For most dual-layer male masturbator toys, the inner layer is the softer layer. Ride Japan tends to not pay much attention to market trends and seems to have some interesting ideas, but it just feels too much like a masturbator toy using a harder material.

Because it is dual layer and has a narrow entrance hole, I was hesitant to flip it inside out. While I was able to do it, it does seem to risk the inner layer coming apart, so I would advise against it.

Overall, the quality is there and it gives good, strong stimulation, but I didn’t think that its features really stand out.

Posted on March 13, 2015.

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