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Girl In The Box


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This review is for the latest from our friends at Magic Eyes: The Girl In The Box Loliho (Loliho from now on). Loliho is the third male masturbator of Magic Eyes' series of toys based on young women, joining the Satori and the Sujiman Kupa Roa in the series.

Like the other two masturbation toys in this series, the Loliho is inspired in young women, so the idea is that it looks and feels like having sex with a young lady. Like its sisters, the Loliho has a double layer construction and an unique internal texture. Unlike its sisters, the Girl In The Box Loliho is shaped as a full torso, having a front design with an almost flat chest, a well defined tummy, and a cute vaginal entrance. The arms of the girl are crossed at her back, like a kid who is expecting for something (yeah, we know what she is expecting, right?). At the back side, you will also notice her small round ass, something that will turn you on no matter what.

The material of the Loliho is the softest of the three models on the series: Satori is the firmest and Roa has the mid level firmness of the three. The interior of the male masturbator has a tunnel with a realistic texture of soft ridges in a series of three chambers. This texture, joined with the softness of the exterior material gives you a medium intensity, perfect for long sessions of self-pleasure.

Another difference between the Loliho and its sisters is the size and weight. All three toys have a length of about 6 inches, but the Loliho weights 22 ounces, almost the double of its sisters. The weight of this masturbator means that it should be more expensive than its sisters, but also means that it can receive a heavier pounding during use which is totally true.

When you use the Loliho, you will notice its small entrance hole, we are talking about 1/8 of an inch. That is very small. The good news is that the material stretches enough to fit an average guy, but we aware that if you are big down there, you can rip the entrance a little bit. Once you get pass the tiny entry hole, you will feel the soft ridges inside the tunnel and the change in width due to the chambers. Loliho feels extremely real, and it will take you to orgasm in a few minutes if you don't know how to control yourself. If you know how to control your urges, then prepare for a long and pleasurable time with this girl.

Cleaning the Loliho is like cleaning any other heavy closed masturbator. It cannot be turned inside out. Because of the tiny entry, you should use a paper towel and you finger to dry any excess water from the tunnel. The best thing is that the Loliho dries pretty quick, being ready to another round of play (or go back in her box) after a few hours.

The Loliho includes a sample lotion pack from Magic Eyes for ready-use and a cute nude postcard of Loliho for inspiration. As always, remember to use water-based lubricant with this toy.

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