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Fuwa Hole 1mm Virgin


Product Review


Today I’ll be reviewing the Fuwa Hole 1mm Virgin from Ride Japan. This is an interesting toy because it ignores so much of what the Ride Japan brand was built upon. When one thinks of Ride Japan male masturbators, they usually think of their bright pink Bungee Touch material. It’s a great material, but this time they went for something much softer and fluffy feeling that they call, Softy Touch. Being a big fan of soft materials I was really looking forward to trying it out.

Once I took it out of the box, I immediately noticed how soft and flabby the material was. If I were to think of a material it is similar to, it would definitely be the material the Meiki line of masturbators are made of. But Ride Japan’s Softy Touch has very nicely controlled levels of oil bleed and smell. This was one of the great characteristic of Bungee Touch, and I’m glad they were able to bring it to the Softy Touch.

Another interesting aspect of the Fuwa Hole was its squarish shape. Ride Japan’s masturbators almost always tend to be symmetrically round, so this was a surprise to see. Despite the weird shape, it was perfectly comfortable to hold in the hand thanks to the soft material. It does tend to wobble and jiggle as you grip it though, and it did make me worry about it having a negative affect during stroking.

After pouring some lube in I began working my way inside. Having a pretty narrow entrance hole, I expected some difficulty, but even with a half erection, the material had enough give to let me in. It was a rather nice and comfortable experience going in. Even though the name mentions it being 1mm tight inside, it didn’t get too tight as I smoothly made my way all the way inside.


The material was definitely really soft, which I do quite like. As I slowly move the masturbator, I can really feel my penis pushing through the soft material. But, I couldn’t really feel any other stimulation. The inside is supposed to have an organic arrangement of bumps and flaps, but it mostly felt pretty smooth. It also has a winding structure, but was barely noticeable. I do like a relaxed, rich feel to my masturbator, but I still found the Fuwa Hole a bit lacking in stimulation. If you’re someone who likes good stimulation, this probably won’t be for you.

As for durability and maintenance, it’s not the most durable thing. It’s showing a bit of wear already from the limited time I’ve had with it. I don’t recommend turning it inside out to clean.

Overall, I think the lack of stimulation seems like such a shame as the material itself feels really good. I think if Ride Japan were to make internal structures that better matched the material, they could have a winner. But I don’t know if I would really recommend this to anyone other than those who really want a very low stimulation masturbator.

Posted December 28, 2016.

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