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FLESHLIGHT Original Lady - Super Ribbed


Product Review



Fleshlight Original Lady - Super Ribbed male masturbator sleeve is lined with bunch of short and thin ribs that are narrowly placed for the entire length of the sleeve, somewhat similar to Wonder Wave sleeve.

If you have tried Wonder Wave sleeve and thought that the stimulation wasn't strong enough or there was no stimulation at all, I can tell you from the experience of this masturbator review that this Super Ribbed texture provides much better "ribbing" stimulation .

However, when the end cap is completely closed, you can't really feel those ribs. I think it's because the suction is too strong so that those ribs get flatten out completely as the hole sucks up penis very tight. Opening the end cap half way will change the way it feels dramatically, and you will be able to feel those ribs much clearly.

Material of Fleshlight is very good to the touch, and I can see why Fleshlight is hands down number one sold masturbator in the world. But what I found interesting was that I thought Succubus 2D Wavy Ripple from Tomax has very similar inner texture, and the feel of it or sensation is actually almost the same.

I really like that way the entrance of Fleshlight is designed. Combination of high quality material and thick entrance area makes the feel of initial penetration so good that it almost make me think I am in heaven. The thick entrance also makes pounding on it possible.

Now, after trying Super Ribbed sleeve, I am curious what other models feel like. Fleshlight has so many different models, and unless you are a hard core masturbator collector, it's financially difficult to purchase every model Fleshlight offers. But if you haven't tried even one, I recommend to get one because it feels pretty good.

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