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FLESHLIGHT Lisa Ann Barracuda Texture


Product Review



MILF. Cougar. Mature. It really does not matter how you call her, Lisa Ann is one of the most popular porn stars over 30. That made Fleshlight to include the star of “Who's Nailin' Pailin” as one of their Fleshlight Girls.

Being one of the Fleshlight Girls, Lisa Ann received her own exclusive texture in the Fleshlight male masturbator line - the Barracuda. This male masturbator has one of the most intense designs with an entrance full of large nubs pointing towards the entrance, followed by a thick ring that is the entrance to the main attraction: a tunnel full with hundreds of large nubs. These nubs are like the first ones near the entrance, but they point to the back of the masturbator. This array of nubs – looking like the teeth of a barracuda fish – will attack your penis without mercy, taking you to the edge of ejaculation, and keeping you there for a while.

Like a well experienced lover, Lisa Ann's Barracuda keeps you on the edge of orgasm, teasing you  with every movement. The nubs stimulate your penis while the ring applies pressure to your shaft. The direction of the nubs give strong sensations in each stroke. It is an intense masturbator and it will require you to master your pacing to get the best of it. And it still has another surprise for you. Unlike other Fleshlight models, the tunnel inside the Barracuda gets wider the deeper you go, allowing your penis' head to expand before ejaculation. The contact with the nubs will overstimulate you but it is all worthy - orgasms are intense and strong with this toy.

Like all Fleshlight male masturbator sleeves, the Barracuda is open ended, making cleaning pretty easy - just flush water through its interior. Be aware that because the busy interior of this masturbation sleeve, the Barracuda needs a thorough flushing and additional time to dry. If you want to avoid stickiness on this toy, you will need to apply cornstarch or baby powder on its exterior after a few uses.

As with other male masturbators, use only water-based lubricant with the Lisa Ann Barracuda Fleshlight.


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