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Erotic Older Sister


Product Review



Erotic Older Sister male masturbator is made of Toy's Heart's Safe Skin. The surface of skin is smooth, not oily or greasy. The quality of the material seems to be very good.

Toy's Heart makes many male masturbators with quite complicated inner texture, and this one isn't exception. Inside the hole is pretty complicated and packed with many different stimulators.

Size of the hole at entrance is large. There are many masturbators that have super small entrance holes. With Erotic Older Sister male masturbator, you can easily insert your penis without opening up the entrance with your fingers, which also means you can use a long stroke and feel the entire hole texture without interruption. When the entrance hole is small, you have to be careful not to pop your penis out of the hole because once it's out, you probably have to stop your session and put your penis back in there.

Often time, problem with complicated inner texture is that you can't get the maximum suction effect. But with Erotic Older Sister, it is easy to squeeze air out and your penis gets enough sucked and wrapped up feeling. Thanks to the large air chamber at the end of the hole.

Inside the tunnel, the material is soft, and you will get a sense of tightness in the first half of the tunnel. The tight feeling probably comes from the thick wall built around it. In the second half, you might feel the stimulation is a bit too much. It's because of the size of ribs located at near end is bit too tall. If you like strong stimulation, you might like the feeling, but if you prefer gentle stimulation, second half of the tunnel might not work for you.

In my opinion, Toy's Heart made the inner texture too radical. Too many things are going on in the small space.

As for maintenance, quality of material is good, so it does not seem to break or tear when it's flipped inside out. Once you manage to flip it, washing and drying inside the hole is super easy.


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