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Dolphin, Hard & Soft


Product Review


TOMAX has recently brought back a very special toy. It was a masturbator design contest winner about 9 years ago, but never really lived to its full potential due to constraints of manufacturing in that time. Back then there really wasn’t any other textures besides the common bumps and ribs. This design, then called the Orca was based off the anatomy of ocean mammals, that used multiple cervixes to keep water out. Almost a decade later, the Orca has returned as the Dolphin! Using today’s much improved manufacturing methods and materials, we’ll see if the Dolphin is worth the 9 year wait.



The Dolphin is available in 3 firmness levels: Hard, Regular, and Soft. For this particular review I decided to go with Hard and Soft. Regular would go somewhere in between in terms of characteristics, so based off this review, you can probably figure out if it’s something you’d be interested in. The box they come in is a plastic box with some anime style art which is a surprising change from the usual simple style cardboard boxes TOMAX masturbator toys usually come in. They still include the nice plastic casing that works great for storage and has the usual packet of lube.


First, let’s look at the Dolphin in Hard. Though the material is called “hard” it is not too hard and is similar in firmness to the safe skin material used on masturbators from Toy’s Heart. The opening hole is on the larger side at around half an inch. It has a nice and easy to hold cylindrical shape and the material has minimal oil bleed and smell. It feels really smooth with no stickiness.


As I start inserting my erection inside, I can feel the little bumps as I squeeze through a tighter area. It smoothly starts to take me in and suddenly I’m sucked through the first cervix. As I make my way deeper I was surprised how smoothly each cervix just took me in, until I finally passed through the 3rd and final one.


For stimulation, the cervixes are the main feel and I couldn’t really feel much of the natural textures lining the walls. Stimulation was at a good, normal level and never too harsh. During stroking you can easily notice going through the 2nd cervix, but sometimes I wasn’t sure if I’ve hit the 3rd cervix or already at the end of the tunnel. It can get a good amount of suction by squeezing any air out, but the stimulation gets a bit too much, so I think it feels better just using it normally.


Now the Soft. As I’m a fan of softer materials, I was really looking forward to checking this out, but at the same time was worried that the soft material would make the cervixes unnoticeable. Even though the material is a lot softer than the Hard, TOMAX does a great job and the feel is stilll super smooth, with barely any noticeable oil bleed or smell.


For this one, I used TOMAX’s own Insomnia lube for its thin but still slimy feel (this is the lube in the little packet, but Queen Cat Adult Toys also sells it on their store). This lube goes nicely with softer materials and natural feeling textures. Being a soft material, of course the initial insertion felt really good. While you don’t really feel any of the bumps, the wrinkles and minute details start to surface as you slowly make your way through it and the material begins to wrap around my penis. Getting to the first cervix, it easily took me in and gave a feel almost like getting sucked through jelly as it softly latches on and jiggles. Compared to the hard, I thought going through the cervixes gave a much nicer, more nuanced feel.


Stroking, each cervix felt like a little pop as the head of my penis passed through them. I don’t think I’ve ever felt a masturbator that feels quite like it. Also, instead of the cervixes stealing the show, they became a marvelous accent to the overall stimulation. While the material is soft, it’s not pigeonholed into being a “soft type” masturbator but also feels great for stroking. I thought the Hard already felt pretty good, but the Soft is definitely more my cup of tea. Just looking at the textures on the walls, it looks like it would be a more smooth low build up type, but the accents that the cervixes give makes it a nicely balanced male masturbator toy.

If I were to give a numerical score to the two Dolphin masturbators I tried, I’d give the Hard a 7/10, and the soft a 9/10. While I think both felt good to use, the Hard firmness made the cervixes more noticeable, so they kind of just stole the show. The Soft firmness still kept the feel of the cervixes but created a nicely balanced and nuanced experience.

TOMAX decided not to release the Dolphin in their even softer Very Soft and Rich Soft materials, which I think makes sense as those softer materials would probably make the 3 cervixes unnoticeable and ultimately useless, but who knows if that was the actual reason why.

For maintenance and longevity, the material feels very durable and should be safe to turn inside out to wash and I expect it to be a toy that will last for quite a while.

Posted April 25, 2017

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