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D-HOLE Chigusa Hara


Product Review


The male masturbator I’ll be reviewing today is the D-HOLE Chigusa Hara from Dogma. Dogma is a producer of Japanese porn, so of course this toys is inspired by a Japanese porn star. And like the name suggests, it is inspired by Chigusa Hara, known for her cute face and thick, voluptuous body. As an added bonus it includes a DVD of some porn scenes produced by Dogma. It comes at a bargain price, but let’s see if the package comes at a good value.

To get it out of the way, I’ll first talk about the DVD. I was expecting it to be scenes of Chigusa, but instead it was a compilation of scenes of an unnamed Japanese porn star. A bit disappointing, but still a good amount of video and a good variety of scenes.

Now let’s talk about the masturbator toy itself. Upon taking it out of the box, I first noticed just how small it was. Despite its small size the material seems like it is a decent quality, better than other bargain toys. The material is soft but still springy and elastic. There is some noticeable smell and oil bleed, but at an acceptable level. They named the material Neo Super Soft Silicone, but it’s definitely not a silicone masturbator.


So I poured some lube in and went inside. The entrance hole is pretty tight so would probably need a full erection to get in. The rest of the tunnel keeps tight and wraps around your dick, it’s not too tight though. The inside features 5 different textures and you can really feel the stimulation. The different ribbings near the entrance stimulate the shaft while the bumps near the middle stimulate the head. As you get deeper it gets a bit tighter and thicker until you get into the ribbed uterus area. Stimulation was good, and definitely not subtle. It made me climax pretty quickly.

A big negative to some will be the size. It’s very tiny, those with longer penises might find it too short, and ones with thicker penises might find it too tight. If you have a small penis, this might be a great masturbator for you.

For maintenance, it’s possible to flip it inside out to clean, but not sure how well it will stand up to it in the long run.

Overall if you’re looking for a rich stimulation, the D-HOLE Chigusa Hara is a great value, especially since it also comes with a DVD. If you prefer something with subtle stimulation for longer sessions, this isn’t the masturbator toy for you.

Posted June 26, 2016

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