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Chitsuten Mesh


Product Review


Ride Japan is known for their high quality bungee touch material used in low cost male masturbator toys. The Chitsuten Mesh, like the name suggests, uses that successful formula but the inside is lined with a mesh structure. As far as I know, this is the first toy to feature a string-like structure so I wanted to try it out.

The box it comes in is small with lots of pictures and Japanese text. Holding it in the hand, it is pretty thin, with the soft body loosely hanging down. It is the Bungee Touch material, but it seems to me, to be a bit softer than usual. There’s hardly any smell, and no noticeable oil bleed.

The entrance end has a symmetrical cross shape, so just by looking and holding it, there’s no way to tell which side is the top. It looks a bit like a flower right before it blooms. Inside you’ll see the mesh structure and a single line of bumps that resemble a row of budding flowers going all the way from the entrance to the deep end. To see where that row of buds are, to position them, you’d have to look inside first.

The entrance hole is less than half an inch wide so it’s pretty small, so you’ll probably need an erection to get inside. But once I slowly got the head of my dick in there, it softly opens up. The feeling during insertion is pretty nice. The inside is really narrow, so it has a nice fleshy hold on the penis. The hole is straight and short so you’re all the way in pretty quickly.

The main stimulation comes from the mesh structure, which gives a nice, rich feel. The row of buds are supposed to add a little accent of the stimulation, but I really didn’t feel it much. I tried rotating it around and see if I can feel it more depending on where I position it, but the stimulation didn’t really change.

The mesh structure and soft material gave a nice slow build-up, which I like with my male masturbators, so I really liked the feel. But those who like stronger stimulation might feel like it’s not enough. There is also very little vacuum despite being closed end, and the thinness of the material does leave something to be desired. Then, despite having unique structures, there really isn’t anything special about the stimulation.

The material does feel really nice and durable, and can easily be flipped inside out to clean. I thought the entrance hole might rip a little, but flipping it didn’t leave a mark. Exactly what you expect from a male masturbator toy with Ride Japan’s Bungee Touch.

Posted on March 6, 2015.

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