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Case for a caseless masturbator

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There are several reasons one would like to have a case for a male masturbator toy. Maybe it’s because you don’t like the feel of a toy’s oil bleed level, or maybe you don’t want the toy to get dirty. For some they just think it looks cooler or nicer. These are all advantages and good reasons to having a case, but for me the biggest reason is that some toys can be too wobbly, and it makes them annoying to use!


Early masturbator toys didn’t have this problem because the materials tended to be harder and stiffer. To get a better feel, the materials had to get softer however, so the problem of the wobbly masturbator grew. The soft materials make masturbators feel better, but it does come with some downsides. Some materials are just too soft and wobbly that any fast stroking gets a bit annoying. You can fix this by gripping harder, but that can affect the stroke feel, especially on smaller or softer toys. Some popular masturbator toys avoid this problem by putting them in hard cases such as the Fleshlight or Tenga Flip Hole.


Now let’s talk some of the drawbacks of having a masturbator with a case. Most people will probably first think about the Fleshlight when they think of masturbators with a case. They are great toys and one of the most popular masturbators around. They are also big and heavy. You can see the difference in size between typical caseless masturbators in the picture above. Why is that? Well, when a masturbator toy does have a smaller case, they usually don’t have much room to stretch, and for some this can make them way too tight. To compensate for that, the Fleshlight case is really big and cumbersome. There are smaller, less expensive masturbators in cases such as the Tenga Cups, but those toys are meant to be one-time use, use cheaper materials and tend to have very basic inner structures. They also don’t offer the stretch that the Fleshlight provides, so can be too tight. Compared to some other Japanese toys, Tenga Cups just don’t have as much cost/performance value. The Fleshlight and Tenga products have been around for a while, but they haven’t really had much updates to their materials and construction, there are better values out there, but most don’t come in a case. So, I set out to find a way to make a cheap case. Using easy to find materials and not too much time, I’ll share the results of my first experiment!


First of course are the materials I will be using for this this project:

  • A smaller or medium sized masturbator with a mostly normal cylinder shape.
  • A Pringles chips can.
  • Some bubble wrap.
  • Optional: some plastic bags.

The masturbators I will use are the Half Mature JC and Chitsuten Mesh, both from Ride Japan. I chose these because they’re the perfect sizes for this and offer some of the best bang for the buck. I thought Pringles cans seemed to be just the right shape and size for a masturbator case so use those for my first case experiment. I used a normal sized can and a half-sized one. If you like to go in deep or on the long side, the half-sized can might be too small for you. Make sure to wipe the insides with some wet paper towels and a bit of soap and then dry them off. I had some bubble wrap lying around so I used that. The optional plastic bags are for when you’re using an open-ended masturbator and don’t want lubes or other liquids to get on the can. Make sure they can fit the masturbator or wrap around the Pringles can. I’m not using any open-ended masturbators but I’ll show you how I would use the bag later.

First, I’ll demonstrate with the Half Mature JC. They are about 2.75” inches wide and is probably the widest you want to go for the Pringles can.



You want enough wrap to make it snug inside the can so it won’t get pushed in and won’t get pulled out when stroking. You can check by inserting your dry finger into the masturbator. Twice around was good for this one but the amount will vary depending on the masturbator. Personally, I found it too tight for my liking, but those who like it tight might like it.



Next, I tried the Half Mature JC in the half-sized can. For it to fit I had to cut the excess wrap at the end. It fit inside really well, but at almost 6 inches long, I found that there wasn’t much room for the materials to move around and was even more restrictive. I do not recommend this.



Now I tried the Chitsuten Mesh. It is a considerably smaller masturbator at about 2” wide and 5” long. First, I tried to use it in the regular sized can. I had to wrap bubble wrap around it about 3 times to get a good fit, but found I could still push it in. To get around it, I put some bubble wrap at the bottom of the can to keep it from falling in and it worked like a charm! Tightness was again increased, but at a more comfortable level and it felt good. Still maybe a bit too tight for my tastes.


Finally, I tried the Chitsuten Mesh on the half-sized can. This time it fit perfectly inside the can like a glove. It was even tighter than with the regular sized can, but at still a usable level. Again, some might find this too tight, but some might like it.

Lastly, I will show how to use a plastic bag if you were to use this method with an open-ended masturbator or just as extra protection. You have two choices of how to do this depending on what’s easier with what you have.


One option is to put the bag in the can first, and then wrap the edge around the top of the can. My plastic bag fit nicely in the can, but if you need to, you can secure it with a rubber-band. Once you have the bag prepped, wrap the masturbator with the bubble wrap like normal. Now you’ll probably need to cut out any excess wrap hanging at the end for it to fit in the bag. After it’s cut just slip it in the bag and can like normal and it should be ready for use!


The next option it to put the masturbator in the bag, then wrap it with the bubble wrap. This way, you won’t need to cut anything! But this will depend on the bag you’re using and if it will fit well with everything.


Now that we have these masturbators in cans, we can combine the two and get some type of double holed contraption!

After conducting this experiment, I’m not sure if I figured out a good alternative to the established masturbators with cases, like the Fleshlight or Tenga products. The Pringles cans made the masturbators a lot tighter so they kind of lost some of their characteristics. Next time I’d like to experiment with some new materials to find if I can get even better results!

Posted December 2, 2016.

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