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Beautiful Girl JK Idol Kasumi


Product Review


What we have here is the Beautiful Girl JK Idol Kasumi, a special release from TOMAX, makers of the very popular Lilith and Venus lines of masturbator toys. It was created as a collaboration between TOMAX, Japanese game magazine Game Lab, and game maker Diesel Mine. There are two versions of this, one with a game and one without, since the game is Japanese only I’m reviewing just the masturbator. As TOMAX makes excellent toys, I figure it would make a great less expensive introduction to the brand for new users.

Upon receiving the toy, I first noticed just how small it is. I compared it to a Lilith and the JK Idol Kasumi is a bit smaller. Unlike the other lines of TOMAX toys, which come in various firmnesses, this only comes in the regular firmness. It is a very nice material that is still fairly soft and has just a bit of a viscous feel to it.


One special feature is that it has a hymen at the entrance. It is a thin bit of material that partially closes off the hole. It being just a very thin piece I thought I’d be able to easily break it with penetration. However, a testament to TOMAX’s material, it just kind of stretched out of the way. If it gets in your way you can easily cut it with scissors or just wait till it breaks naturally.

Upon insertion, I was pleasantly surprised that the hymen doesn’t really get in the way. It adds a bit of resistance at first but eventually it stretched out of the way and wasn’t really noticeable while stroking. The tunnel is pretty narrow and pushes back just a bit. The texture is composed of a bunch of wrinkles and gives just a delicate stimulation. It definitely fit my preference for slow building masturbators and I just couldn’t stop stroking. The tightness and stimulation is greatly balanced. It felt really good.


At the end of the tunnel is the now fairly common uterus. During normal stroking I couldn’t really notice it was there, but every once in a while, I would notice myself just popping into it which was a tiny little accent that I enjoyed.

If I were to think of a flaw, for some people, stimulation probably wouldn’t be enough. It does have a bit of a tight feeling, but any other stimulation is pretty subtle. But if you’re like me, and like low stimulation and a good build-up, you’re likely to enjoy it.

In terms of maintenance, once the hymen breaks, it’ll easily flip inside-out for easy cleaning. The high quality material is definitely a major highlight of Beautiful Girl JK Idol Kasumi, which is expected from TOMAX, who makes some of the best materials for male masturbator toys.

Posted August 11, 2016.

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