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Air Usahane Love Doll - Part 1

Product Review


This is the Air Usahane Love Doll. It’s a blow-up love doll made by Tokyo Libido. On its own it looks like some other clear love dolls such as the Love Body Aki, but a special point of the Air Usahane is that there is a nice range of accessories made specifically for it, such as full body stockings and faces. It seems like a great choice for the DIY minded, who like to dress and accessorize their Love Dolls. Here is my experience using it.

The Air Usahane comes neatly folded up in a simple, compact box covered in cute anime style art. Before I start blowing it up I unfolded it to help move air around, and to get a feel of the material. The vinyl quality feels good, as good as most love dolls of this type. For a full-sized body it is still pretty small, and with a motorized air pump it took about a minute to fully inflate.


After inflating it, I took some rough measurements. The head has a circumference of about 20 inches. The bust size is pretty small at 24 inches with a tiny AA cup size. It’s pretty clear that they weren’t going for the size of a full grown woman with this one. Shoulder width is about 11 inches. Given the measurements it might be a bit troublesome to get well fitting clothes for it, other than the accessories made exclusively for it, you’d have to use children’s clothing. It has full length arms with curved elbows and even hands (no individual fingers though).


Going down to the pelvic hole where you’d insert your masturbator sleeve it is about 3 inches wide and around 7 inches deep. While it might not be big enough for some bigger sleeves like the Fleshlight or something like the TOMAX Venus, it should fit most average sized masturbators as long as they’re not some strange shape. Tokyo Libido also sells masturbator sleeves made to be inserted into Love Usahane, which I’ll be reviewing in part 2 of this review along with some other accessories.

Down at the legs, it sits with bent knees with the top part of the calves attached to the thighs. This helps it sit up as well as keep the feet out of the way during use, but also makes it impossible to put on some full length pants that don’t have a lot of room or lots of stretch. For those interested in putting on some socks or other footwear, the feet are about 5 inches long.

Okay, now that I have everything setup and have the masturbator inserted, the first thing I check is how well it works in different position. First of course is missionary which I actually found to be a bit awkward. When on its back, the legs go up and bend at the knees making an M shape, the knees can kind of get in the way, though you can move them, and it’s not a huge deal. Also when in missionary sometimes you’d want lay on top of the other person, but for Air Usahane, I don’t recommend it. If you end up putting too much weight on it, I noticed a lot of air would get pushed to the legs, which I feel might end up making it pop. The best way to go in from the front is to go on your knees and use a pillow or other object to keep the lower part of the doll up to your preferred height, and proceed from there.

Next I tried it in the cowgirl position. As it’s naturally sitting, it was easy to get in the right position. In reverse cowgirl it works great. It can start to lean back onto you which I quite liked.

Doggy style was pretty straightforward. Overall I think going at it from behind gave the best experience.


Of course just by itself it’s a pretty normal experience. There really wasn’t anything that differentiated it from some other blow up dolls. But when you throw in the accessories you can use on the Air Usahane, it starts to show its charm. You can throw on a body stocking, a variety of faces and wigs, and of course some clothing. I will be going over this in Part 2 of this review.

A drawback is it tends to lean back at bit. You can get it to sit-up on its own without any accessories and clothing, but once you put everything on, you’ll have to lean it against something to keep it up. And of course since it’s a blow-up doll, it probably will eventually pop, thankfully this is repairable, and for the really DIY minded, you can stuff them with teddy bear stuffing and get rid of that problem all together. That is beyond this review, but there are guides floating around the internet if you are interested.

Overall I think the Air Usahane is a decent blow-up love doll. It is well made and put together. At first I was just thinking it was so small, but I grew to kind of like it. The compact size makes it overall more convenient to use. But of course we want to know how it works with some accessories. I’ll be going over that in part 2!


Posted September 19, 2016

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