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Air Usahane Love Doll - Part 2 Accessories

Product Review


This is part 2 of my review of the Air Usahane Love Doll from Tokyo Libido. In Part 1, I mostly talked about the doll itself, and briefly mentioned the different accessories available for it. Of course you can get just about any accessories as long as they fit, but this will be just for the accessories from Tokyo Libido made exclusively for the Air Usahane. These accessories include body tights, face masks, wigs, costumes, and masturbator toy inserts.

There are multiples choices in each accessory category, and I can’t get all of them, so I got one item from each. I got the fair skinned color and of course fair skinned face mask. The face design I chose was the wacky looking orgasm face. Not the cutest look, but thought it added a bit of fun. lol For the wig I decided on the default short blue one. The masturbator I chose was the hilariously titled Bitch Lolita. There is a pretty large range of clothing styles, but decided on the cute little bikini. If you want to see what else is available, you can check out the Tokyo Libido page on Queen Cat Adult Toys.

First, I wanted to put on the body stocking. It’s impossible to put on with the toy inflated, so I deflated the Air Usahane Love Doll about halfway. I first started with the legs. Because of the weird angles, this took a bit of maneuvering, but it wasn’t too painful. Next I put the arm sleeves on and zipped it up. For blowing the doll up there is a hole in the stocking for the inflate hole. The metal ring around it gets in the way a bit, but it wasn’t too hard to work around it. Now while inflating, I found that it helps to pause every once in a while, and straighten out the legs and fix the stockings. But after fully inflating, the stockings fit nice and snug around the doll. Having the stocking on was a nice improvement to the feel of the doll. It feels soft and smooth, and gives a nice warmth compared to the squeaky and cold feel of the vinyl.


After the body I put on the face mask. Included with the mask is a foam insert with some face contours. This was a really nice addition as it adds some really important details to make it look more realistic. It gives your doll a cute little nose, chin, and cheeks. The mask is made of the same material as the stocking. The face looked a bit small at first, but after putting on the doll it stretched to the perfect size. It zips up securely at the back. I tucked the edge of the mask into the body stocking as I thought it cleaned up the look a bit.

At this point it looks a bit strange, just a flesh colored humanoid figure with a face (that I chose to put one of the weirdest faces on it didn’t help at all). But once I put the wig on, I really started to see the charm of it. It was as close to seeing an anime girl in real life as I have gotten. The wig has some straps like a bra strap to secure it, but it was a bit tricky to figure out how to get it really secure. It fell off a couple times, but I eventually got it secured enough that it stayed put even while I moved the doll around. The hair didn’t necessarily feel real, but it was close enough, pretty soft and smooth. Its comes in a predetermined hair style, but there was some customizability with it, such as where it splits or swoops. For the truly daring, you can probably cut it to how you like it, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you know what you’re doing. But without doing too much, I thought it came out pretty nice.

And then of course, the doll is not complete without some clothing. From the bikini that I got, the clothing is pretty cheap quality. Don’t expect it to be like real clothes you get at the mall. The materials were more like the quality of a cheap Halloween costume, or maybe even a Barbie doll. That said, you put it on just like you would real clothes, and once it’s on, they look like real clothes. For these purposes, I wasn’t disappointed. Once everything was on, I thought the Air Usahane looked pretty darn cute.


Now, you and I both know that a love doll is not truly complete without a masturbator insert. While you can put many different kinds of masturbators in it I wanted to try one made specifically for it. These particular masturbators come with a plastic casing to help insert them into the love doll. There are two choices, the Orthodox Lolita, and the Bitch Lolita, which I chose to go with. The main difference between the two on the outside is that the Bitch Lolita has a clit, while the other doesn’t. On the insides the Orthodox has a shorter tunnel. That said, they both have relatively short tunnels and are dual layered. They thankfully come with a zip-lock storage bag, some maintenance powder, and a bit of lube.

First let’s look at the item itself. The masturbator material it quite soft, but there is some smell and noticeable oil bleed. There are some curves along the outside to help with grip. The plastic case is pretty cheap looking, but feels sturdy. Inside the case are some ribs. Along with the curves, these do a good job on keeping the masturbator from slipping out of the case. Putting the masturbator in the case, there is a cut out on one half where the top of the masturbator goes. Just opening the case however was a bit tricky, don’t know if there’s a particular technique to do it, but I eventually got it open from a bit of messing with it. One thing I did notice is that the cutout creates a sharp edge that can potentially damage the doll, the masturbator or the user. As a precaution, I recommend covering it with some tape.


Now let’s put the masturbator with case into the doll. To prep the doll, I deflated it to about halfway (it can be a good time to do this when you put the body stocking on). I used a stick to help open up the hole a bit. With the plastic case, inserting the masturbator is still not an easy task, but it does help a lot. The technique I used was to twist the case back and forth while pushing it into the hole. This will get most of it inside. When you’re done doing this, make sure the top of the masturbator is positioned correctly, or you’ll kick yourself when you have to do it all over again. Next, I slowly pull up on the edge of the hole while pushing in on the plastic casing, making your way around. While still time consuming, it was still loads easier than a masturbator without a case.

Now of course it’s time to use it. So I put some lube in, and went inside. Like everything else with the Air Usahane, it felt pretty tight inside, as I can feel myself pushing my way through. Stimulation wasn’t too strong, and had a very viscous feeling, almost as if it were licking my shaft. It felt really good. Though it had some tightness, it wasn’t too tight. Everything was very well balanced. It felt particularly real and natural, which goes really well with a love doll. One great thing is that it can be used in other love dolls as well, and is not limited to just the Air Usahane.


A potential drawback I do find is that the tunnel is pretty short. Those with a longer penis might find themselves hitting the back of it. Also because it is pretty tight, it might be too tight for other people. I personally found it very nice.

Overall I really like the Air Usahane system. It’s great for people who like to dress up their love dolls and try different things, but also gives people an accessible way to try it out. It does take a lot of work to put everything together and to clean up, but that’s expected of any type of love doll.

Posted on September 19, 2016.

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