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At 6.8 inches and 1.3lb, this meaty hole is very similar to the real thing, size-wise. Besides being slightly slanted at the entrance, the shape is also very similar. The material used for the outer cover and the inner tube produces a firm yet elastic feel.


The reproduction of the inner tube is very realistic and when taking a peek inside, you cannot help but feel as though you are looking at the real thing. In addition, the smell factor is suppressed to the point of nonexistence. 


The entrance of the masturbator is a tight fit at approximately 7mm and should be used with the 80ml lotion included. The lotion is very smooth and helps further feel like the real thing. Even though the entrance is a bit tight, the inner tube is a bit more open, allowing for a more stimulating and realistic fit. 


As you push further back, there are bumps and wrinkles that allow you to really feel as though you are pushing into a woman. Moving slowly allows you to really feel the bumps and is further stimulated by faster movements. 


Overall, for those who prefer a firmer, tighter feel, this masturbator is the perfect fit. 

Posted Nov 20, 2017

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