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Adding Vibration to a Masturbator Toy

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So you’ve had some masturbators for a while and are looking for something different. Instead of spending a bunch of money on some new masturbator toys, you can modify some toys you already have into something new! One of the simplest modifications you can do is adding a vibrator to a masturbator. This will transform any masturbator to a super stimulation machine!

First off, if you have a masturbator with dual holes or one that is open ended, you already have a place to put in a little vibrator. You can stick one at the end or in the other hole and you easily added some vibration to a masturbator. But, what if the masturbator doesn’t have two holes or what if you want more control of where you want the vibration? That’s where this guide comes in.


While you can do some of these on many different masturbators, I think the best ones to use for this are ones that have thick sidewalls, as these have more room to experiment with different locations. I do not recommend using something that uses multiple material layers. I’ll be using TOMAX’s Muses Fillo for this one! Seems like the perfect candidate as it has thick sidewalls at all directions, even has a little butthole that would make a perfect place to place a vibrator.

Next I got some bullet vibrators. I got some cheap bullet vibrators from amazon, and I already had a Black Fit Penis vibrator from a Japanese brand called Peaches and a Black Lock 7 from A-One which is also a penis vibe. Both are made to attach to the penis, but have removable bullet vibrators that can be used for this project. The Black fit has a standard bullet vibe, but the Black Lock 7 has two tiny vibrators. If you’re interested in doing this mod, I highly recommend getting the Black Lock 7 as the two tiny vibes are so convenient to use for this. All of these vibrators have power controls so you can choose how powerful you want the vibrations to be. I do recommend something with a control, so you can adjust vibration strength.


To make the holes you’ll need a soldering iron. What I did is melt some material of the masturbator toy with the soldering iron. Make sure you have plenty of ventilation as melting the material will produce A LOT of smoke and will smell. Be very careful when doing this, as it will permanently modify the masturbator. Make sure to lay something down as the melted material will drip and it will get messy. If you have a spare masturbator you can practice on, I recommend doing that to get a feel for everything.


Melting the material will produce some drip that will stick around the hole that was just made, a lot of it can be peeled off if you do it quickly, be careful though as it might be hot.


The Black Lock 7’s small vibrators come in handy, as you don’t need that big of a hole to fit them inside. On thick masturbator toys, you can put them just about anywhere! If you can find any bullet vibes on the smaller size, I would recommend those.


Now the easiest and most affordable bullet vibrators is the usual 2” bullet vibes. If you have these, you need to get in there pretty deep, so make sure there’s enough material to melt through. I think about 1 ½” is a good depth to hold the vibe in. The hole can be pretty narrow, maybe around ½” in diameter. I like to start small and then make the hole bigger as I need to. When you need to get in deep it helps to take a pen and kind of push it through a bit, but be careful not to poke too far.


I think I got a bit carried away and created a monster! hahahaha.


Posted October 24, 2016

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