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17 Seventeen


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When theToy's Heart 17 Seventeen male masturbator was released back in 2005, there were no other masturbators that had inner texture as realistic as 17 Seventeen. All other male masturbators had ribs, nubs, or some other artificial stimulators lined inside the sleeves. Those who wanted to try the most realistic vagina toy jumped on 17 Seventeen when it was introduced, and it quickly became a top seller at many stores in Japan. It also became the most sold male masturbator of the year.

I don't remember if 17 Seventeen was the top seller in 2007, but it was a top seller again in 2006. 17 Seventeen had sat on an unchallenged position for a few years until the super realistic masturbator Elegance of Meiki came out. At the time of this writing, 17 Seventeen still have fans, and people still buy this cute little masturbation toy.


As you can see in the photos, 17 Seventeen uses double layered construction. It's not a new structure today, but it was back then. Material used on the outside is transparent, rather firm and a little bit sticky. Inner layer is made of soft material. At the end of the hole, there is what's supposed to be an uterus which is also known as air chamber, used to release air to get better suction effect. This structure is used by many other companies today, but it was Toy's Heart who created this first. So that's a little history of Japanese masturbators.

Since there is no ribs or bumps, you might think there is no stimulation or sensation at all, but because inner surface is made very smooth and wavy, penis can slide easily, and it actaully feels realistic. Firm outer material provides proper pressure to inner layer. You also get a funny sensation when you hit the uterus at the end of the tunnel.

One problem with 17 Seventeen male masturbator is that the surface of the tunnel is so smooth that it does not absorb lotion at all. If your masturbation session takes place on a bed, you have to be careful about the amount of lotion you apply. Because the hole does not hold lotion very well, every drop of lotion you put in quickly comes back out. Sooner or later your bed sheet will be covered by lotion.

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