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17 Evo


Product Review



Toy's Heart 17 Evo male masturbator is a continuation version of 17 Seventeen. Let's take a look at what has changed from the previous version.

17 Evo still uses dual layered construction just like the previous version. Inner and outer skin are made of different material, inner layer is softer than outer.

The color of outer skin is flesh color instead of transparent, and the material feels like Toy's Heart's baby skin, but it seems to be a firmer version of baby skin. Smell of it isn't bad at all.

Size of hole at entrance is small. You have to get your penis hard first before penetrating inside.

Unlike the previous version, 17 Evo male masturbator has bunch of ribs and nubs inside the tunnel, and the tunnel is curved slightly. Also there is a G-spot like area. Stimulation from those ribs feels pretty good. Size of the hole becomes wider from middle area toward the uterus which is located at the end of hole.

Because this is a continuation version, there may be people who expect it to provide gentle stimulation like the previous version did. If that's you, you are not going to like this masturbator because 17 Evo rather falls under strong stimulation category. If you let air out by squeezing, stimulation will be even stronger with the suction effect. This masturbation toy is pretty easy to get the suction effect going.

Like every dual layered masturbators, two layers get separated unless you are careful. When you flip it inside out for cleaning, pay great attention not to pull skin too hard or you will peal off an inner layer from outer layer.

If you like stronger stimulation, this could be a good masturbation toy for you.


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