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17 Bordeaux


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What do you get when you mix the best of two legendary male masturbators? If you ask the people at Toys Heart, you get the third version of the famous Seventeen male masturbator, the 17 Bordeaux. The 17 Bordeaux masturbation sleeve carries that name with the same elegance than the famous red wines produced in the French region and even uses a rich, dark red color on the internal layer as a nod to those famous wines.

This male masturbator combines the natural feeling design from the original Seventeen with a high stimulation texture that feels better than the 17 Evo. From the original Seventeen, the 17 Bordeaux inherits a life like vaginal structure. Like the first version of this line, the 17 Bordeaux has a wide wavy tunnel that replicates the general sensations you feel with a real vagina, including the mythic cervix entrance - the narrow entrance to the uterus that is supposed to give extreme pleasure to women when men are long enough to reach it during intercourse. From the 17 Evo, the17 Bordeaux takes the double layer construction with a spongy, lightweight material on the outside and a soft internal material with texture to stimulate you.

What really makes the Bordeaux a complete new experience on the Seventeen family is its texture of randomly sized dots. These dots make the Bordeaux unique every time you use it. Depending on the thickness of the lotion you use and the angle you use while enjoying this masturbator, the experience is totally different. You can increase the suction created by the toy squeezing the spongy exterior layer while you are half inside. Or you can decide to experience the pleasure of hitting the cervix by not squeezing the masturbator and going all the way in to press the entrance of the uterus. That feels great!

The 17 Bordeaux external material is lightweight and not sticky, so it feels well in your hands while giving you a good grip, allowing for... lets say very vigorous sessions. Cleaning is easy since the internal layer does not absorb too much of the lotion or your fluids, so it is squeaky clean after a few rinses with water. Leave out to air dry overnight and you can enjoy another round of the finest from Toy's Heart.


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